The Greater Phoenix healthcare and biomedical ecosystem is comprised of nearly 9,400 enterprises that support more than 221,500 jobs. Collectively, these enterprises deliver better health outcomes through innovation and collaboration — making Greater Phoenix an emerging leader in healthcare. Greater Phoenix is delivering technology and innovative healthcare to improve health outcomes and reduce cost across a broad spectrum of sectors.

Innovation Capacity

The Greater Phoenix region offers unique treatment, clinical trial advancement, and practicing options to companies evaluating new markets, locating physicians or researchers, and visiting patients. As a cooperative environment, the region demonstrates strong industry leadership and ongoing commitments to innovation.

Arizona among National Leaders in Clinical Trials

Greater Phoenix is a hub for clinical trial activity, with access to a large patient population of diverse characteristics. Collaboration combined with strategic investments produce high economic impact and provides numerous discovery opportunities:

Number Of Active Clinical Trials In Arizona: 1,311


Number Of Clinical Trial Participants

$237.2 million

Amount Invested In Clinical Trials

$618.4 million

Total Economic Impact of Clinical Trial Investments

Sources:, PhRMA

The state of Arizona holds 5th place nationally for clinical trial activity among very strong markets.
(Missouri 4th, Maryland 3rd, Massachusetts 2nd, and Tennessee 1st)

Leading Sectors for Clinical Activity



Heart Disease

Metabolic Diseases
(Including Diabetes)

Greater Phoenix’s population holds opportunity to perform Clinical Trials with underrepresented populations

Among the top 3 metro areas with highest concentration of Native Americans nationally

Hispanics represent 30% of Greater Phoenix’s population

13.8% of people in Arizona are 65+ years old – one standard deviation above national average

The state of Arizona holds 3rd place nationally for clinical trial participation and access to patients among very strong markets (Colorado 5th, Maryland 4th, Massachusetts 2nd, and Tennessee 1st). Currently, there are 1,039 active clinical trials across Greater Phoenix.