The Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) is Arizona’s premier, nationally-ranked economic development organization representing Maricopa County, 23 member communities and more than 170 private-sector investors.

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2 N. Central Ave, Suite 2500, Phoenix, AZ 85004
602.256.7700 [email protected]


Connectivity to Key Resources


  • Introduce your company to community colleges, university and key workforce assets
  • Coordinate with state and local regulatory authorities
  • Connect you to business leaders within the region


Regional Site-Selection


  • Aggregate a comprehensive listing of value-based assets, unique buildings & shovel-ready sites
  • Provide one-click property search by size, location, price, zoning and more
  • Prepare GIS mapping analysis


Regional Economic Labor Market Data


  • Provide current wage rates, labor force & skill levels based on occupation and industry
  • Analyze labor force availability data
  • Connect with local employers for HR insight


Operational Cost Comparison & Analysis


  • Perform annual operating cost comparisons across major markets
  • Analyze transportation, real estate, tax incentives & labor costs


Economic Impact Analysis


  • Evaluate your project’s economic impact and community benefit